Graphic Design

Our graphic designers offer complete visual identity packages that include your logo, images, fonts, colors, and other relevant creative designs such as business cards, website banners, marketing material such as digital brochures & catalogs. 

To ensure a seamless customer experience, our graphic designers meet up with clients or their art directors online or in person to understand and note down the scope of each project. 

Then using digital illustrations, photo editing, and layout design tools, they create graphics and visual elements such as brand identities, posters, and images to deliver your brand message. 

Website Design & Development

Every business has different requirements when it comes to having a website. We give our customers just what they need; nothing more and nothing less. 

As the name suggests, website design & development mainly requires two skill sets: web design and web development. Web design establishes the mood and look, while web development directs its functionality.

The main purpose of a website for individuals is to have a platform to express themselves however they want. And for businesses, a website is meant to turn visitors into prospects and leads. 

Whether for business, e-Commerce, or a blog, any website must have certain common qualities. Besides being well designed and functional, they must be easy to use, understand, and navigate with clear call-to-action buttons and optimized for social web and search engines.

Whether you already have a website that you want optimized or want to create a fresh one, we can make it easy for you in both cases. 

Web Content

Web content or content of a website is directly relevant to the user experience of that website. Any content on the website, whether Its text, images, sounds, videos, or animations, will all be considered web content.

Its purpose is to provide information that would educate visitors or search engines about your website and your field of expertise or business. 

Good website content is SEO optimized, which means it is written in a way that it suits humans and search engines both, 

Content Marketing

We believe in only creating content that converts. 

A well-planned & executed content strategy attracts, engages, and inspires your target audience. Content is used as fuel in all inbound marketing campaigns. And their outcome is determined by the quality of the content that powers those strategies. And quality is not just about how good your content is but how well it converts your website visitors and business prospects into leads and then those leads into customers. 

Quality content creation requires considerable time, effort, powerful writing, and other creative skills that most small and micro business owners do not have. 

Our Solution

Our content team of writers and creators can create valuable content that your audience will love to engage with and convert into a lead and gradually into a sale.

We create content that resonates with our client’s audience and offers them the valuable information they want to consume. 

In content marketing, the purpose is to entice readers with useful and relevant information to make them take action, such as buying or inquiring about a product or service.  

As content marketers, we will determine the kind of content that would appeal to your audiences. And then, we will create that content in different formats ranging from blog post articles, eBooks, infographics, videos, and others, making it easy for them to consume. All with the core purpose is to help promote your brand, spread awareness regarding your products & services, and establish just enough trust that would influence their purchase decisions and turn them into lasting customers.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization increases the visibility and organic search traffic of a website.

It involves changing the website design and content to make the site more attractive to the Google search engines.

An optimized website has better chances of ranking on the first page of Google search engine results for keywords relevant to your field and industry.

Our SEO experts know what it takes to boost organic traffic to a website through search engines like Google.

In SEO, we provide a range of services, including:

  • Website Audit 
  • Developing a customized SEO strategy, and
  • Implementing methods that would result in Quality Traffic

Lead Generation

Leads are generated from the website and social media both.

A website needs to be optimized for lead generation. It requires the proper use of Call-to-Action buttons supported by effective lead magnets. 

Call to action (CTA) are prompts on a website telling visitors to take a certain action.

They can be in text form placed on a tab called a CTA button or as web links sent in email campaigns.  

CTAs often links to other web or landing pages to further confirm the user’s intent and actions.


Social Media Management

Whether you want to improve your current social media strategy & management or start fresh for the first time, the Blogging Box Team can plan out and create meaningful and engaging content for your customers on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and other platforms depending on your customers on your specific needs. 

Our team can help your business establish itself as a brand through social media and help it grow its network and customer base.  We do this to build a relationship of your brand with your customers and grow their trust in your products or services, 

Our Methodology

We follow a simple four-step process. 

STEP 1: Research

It is the stage when we get to know you, your business, your competitors, your vision, and your short-term/long-term goals. We start with understanding your business and how you run it in great depth. To determine your marketing needs, we have to know where you currently stand and wish to be in the future. 

Then we research your competitors and the current trend in your industry. We identify your target audience and different segments that they fall in to identify all challenges, analyze competition and determine achievable goals.  

STEP 2: Planning

With all the market research, competitor analysis, and industry knowledge in hand and all challenges identified, we start crafting our social media strategy, first for the largest platforms like Facebook & Instagram and then one by one on all others that are most relevant to your industry and target audience demographics. 

Once we have our media plan completed and our success metrics determined, we share it with you for approval before taking the third step, execution.

STEP 3: Execution 

We love innovation, and it shows in our omnichannel marketing strategies. To ensure our campaigns’ success and make your business outshine, we integrate every marketing channel relevant to your industry and within your budget. 

Your digital reputation is of great importance to us, and we make sure to give it the attention it requires. Our comprehensive approach collaborates various marketing channels like social media, SEO, PPC advertising, and others to achieve desired results. 

STEP 4: Evaluation

Nothing authenticates success like real-time data and metrics. We use analytics to study and evaluate the outcome of our efforts. These stats help us determine where we did great and places we need to improve. 

We then adjust and refine our strategy accordingly, incorporating more technology and tools if needed till we finally achieve the results and ROI that we had been aiming for or better. 

Here is what to expect from us: